It's time to simplify your content marketing so you can land more clients, have more freedom and make a bigger impact online!


Have you been throwing the proverbial spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks with your content marketing? With the simple strategies we teach in the Sparkles & Strategy program, you'll take control of your revenue and no longer have to rely on referrals that dry up.

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Land More Clients

Perfect your messaging to attract and nurture leads on a consistent basis with your content.

Enjoy More Freedom

Have a customized content plan that eliminates the guesswork and saves you time.

Make a Big Impact

Establish yourself as an industry expert with engaging content on the right online platforms.

What's included in the Sparkles & Strategy Program?


✨ On-demand content and training modules

✨ Monthly 1:1 private coaching sessions with Melanie

✨ Twice monthly Hot Seat group coaching and copy coaching

✨ Intimate online community for collaboration and support


I Want My Content To Sparkle!

Happy Client Testimonials!

Christina Calle

I knew to take my business to the next level I needed help. And I knew I needed to find a coach... It was not until I joined your program that I really understood what I was doing, and it has grown my business so much that I've actually had to turn away clients...It's because I started investing in myself. And the value is awesome. I can't put a number on the value from working with Melanie!

Tori Kruse

Working with Melanie has been an absolute game-changer for my business. Prior to working with her, I was completely confused about what kind of content I needed to create for my blog post. Now after being coached by Melanie she has taught me the exact tools that I need to create. She is the exact expert that you need in digital marketing. If you want to grow your business, I highly recommend working with her.

Crystal Partney

I could not be in a place where I'm at with my business without Melanie. And I'm so truly grateful. She is incredible and she walks you through, she holds her hand every step of the way and everything that she is doing is layering upon the next thing, and so it's really great to build that strong foundation so that you have the knowledge and the tools and the resources to take your business to the next level.

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You and your business deserve to have raving fans online!

I would love the opportunity to help you craft a customized content marketing strategy so that you can grow your influence and your profits.

In the Sparkles & Strategy program, you'll develop the skills you need to create content marketing that gets you paid.

Hope to see you and your shining content on the inside.

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